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"The Other Shoe: Education's Contribution to the Productivity of Establishments"
EQW Results #2
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This document presents the results of analyses along two dimensions: how education relates to productivity and compares to other investments by employers; and what types of firms form partnerships with local schools. This analysis raises an important paradox surrounding the disconnection between employers and schools: Why is it that employers benefit from the educational attainment of employees yet dismiss the schools responsible for providing the education?


First Findings from the EQW National Employer Survey
EQW Results #1
February 1995
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This publication presents the results of the initial analysis of data from the 1994 EQW National Employer Survey—the first survey to provide a baseline of information that documents the practices and expectations of employers in their search for a skilled and proficient workforce. The survey dispels or corroborates some commonly-held beliefs about employer practices: employers are buying new equipment, upskilling jobs, and increasing investment in the training and education of their workers; employers seldom use measurements of school performance—grades, teacher recommendations, and school reputations—to choose among qualified applicants; and employers report that only four out of five employees are fully proficient in their current jobs.