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National Employer Survey

Education and the Workplace: From School-to-Work to Schooling-at-Work
Daniel Shapiro and Robert Zemsky
National Employer Survey 1996
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In the research presented in this paper, Shapiro and Zemsky focus on the relationship between private employers and their local schools. They explore the extent to which the conditions that encourage employers to use school measures (grades, teacher recommendations, and school reputation) to screen job applicants are the same as those that encourage employers to participate in a work-based learning program. This research was conducted on behalf of the National School-to-Work Office to help establish benchmarks for monitoring the national impact this federal initiative is having on young workers across the country.


1996 NES Supplemental Survey Instrument
National Employer Survey 1996
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In 1994, the School-to-Work Opportunities Act was enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton. The Act sought to encourage public-private partnerships to join school-based learning and work-based learning in order to facilitate the transition of young people from school to work. Building on the success of the 1994 administration of the National Employer Survey, the National School-to-Work Office sought to query private establishments concerning their participation in various work-based learning activities and other connections to academic institutions. The 1996 NES re-interviewed those establishments that participated in the 1994 survey. This relatively short instrument placed special emphasis on issues of prime importance to the School-to-Work Office. The survey's text is included in this Word 97/98 document.