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Policy Perspectives

"Double Trouble"
September 1989
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This issue examines factors affecting cost within higher education institutions, as well as the widespread perception that tuition increases in recent years are the result of greed within institutions. The essay suggests that colleges and universities are well-advised to fix revenues at the beginning of their budget cycles, make choices among competing missions, and develop stronger trustee leadership.


"Business of the Business"
May 1989
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It is often assumed that anyone who knows a subject well can teach it. But good teaching is not necessarily well-understood or rewarded, even within academe. This issue affirms the central importance of teaching and learning in institutions of higher education. Without advocating a "single definition of learning, teaching, or assessment," it proposes some means for improving higher education's primary mission.


"Out of Sorts"
February 1989
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The American dream remains illusory for many, as long as racial and ethnic diversity in American institutions of higher education remains a "stalled promise." This issue considers the access gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students, and it proposes that solutions to the quandary may be advanced by public policy that rewards institutions for graduating and placing students, rather than merely enrolling them.