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Policy Perspectives

"Testimony from the Belly of the Whale"
September 1992
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According to former Harvard Dean of Arts and Sciences Henry Rosovsky, tenured faculty tend to "make their own rules" without much regard for their obligations to the institutions that employ them. Taking Rosovsky's insight as a point of departure, this essay proposes several means of encouraging better faculty citizenship, such as establishing value frameworks within schools, discussing incentives and enforcement, investing department chairs with greater authority, and separating research and educational missions.


"Keeping the Promise"
March 1992
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Critical points of discussion are recounted from a special meeting convened jointly by the Pew Higher Education Research Program and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. At a time when education is competing with other societal needs for scarce public resources, colleges and universities must, among other things, find ways of stemming the loss of institutional focus, develop appropriate measures of educational quality, rethink conditions of employment, and build stronger partnerships with K-12 schools. States should reward schools that adhere to appropriate missions and should consider the role of appropriations in offsetting tuition increases.