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The Landscape

"Don’t Forget the Fodor’s: The Educational Journey of Transfer Students"
December 1995
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Using data from the Curriculum Assessment Service (CAS) National Database, this Landscape provides insight into the academic careers of transfer students. CAS, composed of the transcripts drawn from a national sample of students who earned bachelor's degrees in the spring of 1991, includes data on course and major selections, grades, gender, and ethnicity.


"Graduates’ Ball and Chain: Does the Burden of Debt Limit Choices?"
April 1995
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As student debt levels continue to rise, college administrators now routinely ask: "Will today’s college graduates, saddled with the weight of increased debt incurred to meet rising expenses, find their options limited?" In this Landscape, the Institute for Research on Higher Education poses a similar question. Given the experience of recent college graduates, what is the evidence that student debt constraints career and other life choices?


"Climbing the Ladder of Success: Post-High School Performance in the Labor Market"
February 1995
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This inaugural issue of The Landscape traces one of the major changes that has occurred in higher education over the last 30 years: who goes to college, as well as when, how, and why students enroll in higher education courses.