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The Landscape

"A Tale of Two Cities: Perspectives on Local Education and Labor Markets"
August 1996
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This issue of The Landscape examines the local conditions that shape the opportunities for young graduates to find interesting, as well as sustained, employment. Using data from the National Employer Survey, the analysis compares and contrasts the demographic, educational, and industrial profiles of five metropolitan labor markets, along with the educational preparation and perceptions of some of their young workers.


"Leaving Hats at the Door: Themes from the Pew Campus Roundtables"
June 1996
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Probably the best documented faculty-administration conversations across the full range of colleges and universities are the campus roundtables that have been conducted by the Pew Higher Education Roundtable program. A careful read of the documentation from these roundtables provides a useful perspective for defining the range and intensity of concerns finding voice on college and university campuses. This Landscape explores some of the key themes that have emerged.