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The Landscape

"In Search of Strategic Perspective: A Tool for Mapping the Market in Postsecondary Education"
December 1997
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Higher education often sees itself as an enterprise so unabashedly complex that it can't be sorted, classified, or pigeonholed. In actuality, 20 years of public policy based on the precept "student choice shall rule" has created a market for postsecondary education that can be readily described, even quantified. The research presented in this issue by the Institute for Research on Higher Education provides a tool that institutions can use to describe that market, find their places within it, and identify what they need to do in the future. This article also marks the first issue of The Landscape as a forum for research sponsored by the National Center for Postsecondary Improvement (NCPI).


"The Heart of the Matter: What Really Drives the Cost of an Undergraduate Education"
August 1997
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What are our tuition dollars actually paying for? The research presented in this issue is based on the work of a team of graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education: Greg Dubrow, Steven Feld, Jennifer Giancola, Shaio-Rei Pan, and Weibin Xu. In an attempt to understand how colleges and universities operate within constrained budgets, these students examined institutional data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems (IPEDS) to determine how a by number of private liberal arts colleges spend their discretionary revenue.


"Adding It Up: The Price-Income Squeeze in Higher Education"
June 1997
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For higher education, the days of low cost (in terms of tuition) and high return (in terms of future income) have been replaced with the paradoxical sense that a college degree, while increasingly necessary, is also necessarily less rewarding. Developed as a part of the Knight Higher Education Collaborative's Executive Education Program for higher education senior administrators, the analysis presented in this issue of The Landscape examines the changing economic benefits of a college education.


"Where the Dollars Are: The Market for Employer-Paid Continuing Education"
April 1997
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This issue of The Landscape presents a basic analysis of the continuing education market, using newly collected data drawn from the National Employer Survey. It describes the market's basic contours: who is buying and for which employees; where opportunities for inroads can be found; and how higher education can better compete with other vendors for employers' continuing education dollars.


"Finding Proof in the Pudding: The Viability of Reform in Higher Education"
February 1997
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This issue of The Landscape focuses on the characteristics and achievements of colleges and universities nominated in 1996 for the Pew Leadership Award for the Renewal of Undergraduate Education, as well as the changes implemented by three award-winning institutions. More than simply changing curricula and administrative structures, what the winners shared most was success in changing their campus cultures without distorting their missions.