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The Landscape

"Practicing What You Preach: Gauging the Civic Engagement of College Graduates"
December 2000
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This issue of The Landscape transforms impressions about civic commitment—in this case, the engagement of college alumni—into facts. It answers the question, "To what extent does the pursuit of civic and volunteer activities play a major role in the lives of college graduates?" These measures represent first results from the Collegiate Results Instrument (CRI), a new national survey of college alumni derived from the work of IRHE researchers Robert Zemsky and Susan Shaman that details, among other aspects of their lives, how graduates of the 1990s feel bout civic engagement, as well as how often they do—or do not—participate in civic activity.


"You Can't Get There From Here: Gauging the Demand for Education and Teaching by High-Tech Employers"
October 2000
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In this installment of The Landscape, Institute for Research on Higher Education (IRHE) researchers Robert Zemsky and Ricki Gever Eisenstein report on their analysis of data from the National Employer Survey (NES) on the demand for training and education among employers who differ in their use of technology in the workplace.


"Coming to Market: A Growing Reliance on Student-Supplied Revenue"
August 2000
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The dominant fact of postsecondary finance today is that colleges and universities of every stripe are increasingly on their own; even public institutions must now rely on the market to fund their aspirations and operate their educational programs. This issue of The Landscape presents a new analysis from researcher Robert Zemsky that indicates how, in the revenue game, most institutions have benefited—though clearly some classes of campuses more than others.


"When the Customer is Right: Market-Driven Accountability in Postsecondary Education"
June 2000
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In this issue of The Landscape, new research from the Institute for Research on Higher Education (IRHE) answers basic but important questions about trends in institutions' responsiveness to stakeholders both on and beyond their campuses: What are the characteristics of those institutions reporting increased accountability to their various consumers and stakeholders? What institutional characteristics are associated with increased accountability and which are not?


"Why Is Research the Rule? The Impact of Incentive Systems on Faculty Behavior"
April 2000
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In this issue, The Landscape provides critical, once-missing evidence regarding the impact of incentives and rewards on faculty behavior, using data from a new study of faculty conducted by researchers William Massy and Andrea Wilger. In answering questions about what incentives and reward systems faculty believe are important—as well as what consequences those incentives have on their professional lives—these faculty members provide one of the first empirical glimpses into the motivations and environments that influence their behavior.


"Through a Different Lens: A New Angle on the Price Spiral in Higher Education"
February 2000
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In this issue of The Landscape, a group of researchers from the Institute for Research on Higher Education (IRHE) at the University of Pennsylvania paints a different picture of higher education's development over the last half-century from the perspective of market behavior: when the focus is on markets and prices, the result is a much more consistent and less cadenced account of higher education finance.