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The Landscape

"Mixed Skies Ahead: What Happened to e-Learning and Why"
January 2004
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To the dismay of many, e-learning’s reality never matched its promise—by a long shot. There has been no pedagogical revolution or financial windfall. Fathom and NYOnline are gone; Cardean U and UNext are continuing to undergo makeovers. There has been no real burgeoning of distance education—emerging successes have been limited and owe more to their past market triumphs than to the new technologies. What happened to e-learning’s potential? While all innovations make exaggerated claims, why was the forecast for e-learning so far off the mark? This issue of The Landscape sets out to address this question, using research conducted by The Weatherstation Project, a collaborative effort to provide a practical way of estimating e-learning’s current and future trajectory.